Step 1: Preparation for installing suspended ceilings

Today we take you to a site for suspended ceilings installation for lobby entry and other areas. An apartment that has applied our suspended ceiling system for lobby entry ceiling and wall, driveway ceiling, and undercover walkway ceiling.


Initial preparation is very important in any commercial building projects at any size. Recommended maximum spacing for our ceiling channel is 500mm to 800mm. And for joining area between ceiling panels require extra ceiling channels to finish the job more nicely and uniform.

The product we have selected

Products that we selected are 100×25 ceiling panel, 40×25 ceiling panel, 1-inch ceiling channel, and 1-inch slat for finishing.
suspended ceilings installation 4
suspended ceilings installation 2

Step 2: Lineup the suspended wires or rods, and ceiling channel

suspended ceilings installation 5
Our ceiling channel comes with 3000mm in length. By joining the male side to the female side of the channel to extend its length to suit your project to guaranty a nice flush finish every time when joining channels together.

Placing the wire and rod

Suspended wires are the best choice here to hung our lightweight ceiling channels. Before installing each wire or rod, make a lineup from one end to the other end for making sure that our ceiling channel buckles are at the same line of position to avoid problem occur in the future. Below is our suspended ceiling installation booklet, for more detail about installing ceilings.
Suspended ceiling installation guide

Step 3: Install ceiling panels on ceiling channel

The easiest way to install suspended ceilings is clipping the ceiling panel from one side buckle to the other side buckle. This way will prevent you from breaking the ceiling panel if you are pushing it too hard into the buckle. In this project, we have selected 100×25 ceiling panels and 40×25 ceiling panels. And because of the 100×25 ceiling panel can only fit with our 1-inch ceiling channel the gap between panels are shown on the photo on the right about 20mm. Light cable can be running above our ceiling channel and use our 25×25 L-shape trim to form a square cube as the light socket box later on.
suspended ceilings installation 6
suspended ceilings installation 1

Step 4: Finishing with out slat and L-shape trim

Suspended ceilings installation photo 1
Best finishing around the edge uses our slat, L or Groove shape trim (40×40 or 25×25). If you would like to chat or discuss your project with me, please leave your message in the comment area. Finally, thank you for your time to view this page for install wall panels. For more design ideas option and use our coverage calculator to assist your renovation project. To view our suspended ceiling page and decorative wall panels page for product specifications.

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