Design Ideas for decoration, renovation, new-built, small job, and big projects. Made your client loves it.

Design ideas showcase you and your clients the High-quality finish, it is the key to a successful renovation/new-design project. Let’s have a look now our interior and exterior options to see what inspires you the most and take it to your own project.

Idea up from our Decorative 3D Wall Panels & Mags DBPdesign book3D wall panel product

Apply at home area: Entrance wall decor, living area feature wall, media room wall decor.
Apply at office area: Hallway wall decor, meeting room feature wall, partition wall covering.

Gain an idea from our Suspended ceiling DBPdesign bookSuspended ceiling product

Apply at home area: Entrance outdoor ceiling, balcony ceiling, garage ceiling.
Apply at office area: Indoor/outdoor hallway ceiling, lobby ceiling, balcony ceiling.

Get an idea from our decorative wall panels DBPdesign bookWall panel products

Apply at home area: Bathroom wall panels, home office feature wall, TV Unit wall, steam/sauna room wall.
Apply at office area: Hallway wall, feature wall, balcony ceiling wall.

Brainstorming from our hollow tubes DBPdesign bookHollow tube products

Apply at home area: Space divide, entrance decorate tube, feature tube, exterior tube.
Apply at office area: Hallway tube, feature tube, partitioning tube, Signage board.