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DBP paneling represents quality and innovative European style. Create or transform any setting for living, learning, working or entertaining. Simply let your imagination flow.

Ceiling panels, channel, and slat.

Our suspended ceilings system is combined with channels, ceiling panels, and slats and it can be fitted easily because of the smart channel system and lightweight of our ceiling panel for NZ.

Dropped ceiling system can also be attached to a wall or existing surface directly that will make renovation and interior design more flexible.

Attach the ceiling channel to a wall with our ceiling panels that of course can make unique design patterns as a feature wall.

Attach the ceiling channel to existing ceiling surface with our ceiling panels that will save a lot of time and costs for ceiling renovation. Before you are looking to paint or replace your current ceilings, use our system to cover the current one will be a better option.

We provide Auckland region FREE quote service and nationwide sample and product delivery.

Using our coverage converter to calculate the number of our products you need to cover a certain area. Don’t forget, to learn more about how to shop by combining different ceiling type, also we display all our products at our online store include accessories that help you to build your project.

Furthermore, we continually update our product portfolio on Houzz, Facebook, and Trademe. Home and business owners, architects, designers, and developers are welcome. You can also look at our design ideas to find your best ideas.

Suspended ceiling that made the building hall uplifted

Where to apply

  • Commercial offices
  • Residential homes
  • Service businesses
  • Hotels/ Resorts
  • Pubs/Clubs
  • Shopping malls/ Retail stores
  • Institutions – schools, universities
  • Promotional events/ Trade shows sets
  • Restaurants

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How to buy our ceiling system for your interior design / renovation

Choose your combination

You can choose different combinations to suit your style, Uplifting the standard. E.g. Using our 100x25 ceiling panels and 40x25 ceiling panels Teak color for an example at a 20m² area. Draft your preferred pattern using 100x25 Ceiling and 40x25 Ceiling E.g. 100 100 40 40 100 100 40 40 100 100... You now have the proportions, 6 of 10 using 100x25 ceiling & 4 of 10 using 40x25 ceiling. 20m² x 6/10 = 12m² for 100x25 ceiling 20m² x 4/10 = 8m² for 40x25 ceiling Accessories you will also need to buy; 1 inch ceiling channel and/or 1 inch slat. Apply these proportions of the required square meter (sqm) to our Coverage Calculator. It will let you know the number of materials you need to build it. For more information please contact us.