Decorative wall panels installation guide

Our wall panels maximum spacing between packers are 400mm to 600mm.

Suggestion packer thickness: 9mm to 30mm.

Place all the packers, using a leveler on each packer before securing with screw or nail gun.

measure the total width and total height of the wall, and cut wall panels into lengths.

Check barriers where will affect our wall panels to be placed. Cut the area with a renovator or multi-tools.

Install wall panels

Our wall panels have two sides, male and female side. The male side always starts at the start point to allow the next planks to joint.

Always make sure using a leveler to ensure it is level before securing the next wall panel.

Using our 25×25 or 40×40 L-Shape trim to cover corners of our wall, and in the front, we apply our 1-inch or 2-inch slat top and bottom to cover the cutting edge with silicone.

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